Thursday, January 18, 2007

December 2006 Activities - Gift Wrapping

In the house of Wilfre Cadiz and Rachel Cadiz we arranged all the goods that we have bought

We distributed each good equally and fairly to each basket so that the family who will get this gift will have the same gift as to the other families

We did not get the feeling of tiredness in our body because we are having fun while doing this. Our hearts rejoiced as we pack each gift

We pack the gifts with all our hearts and put all our efforts into it so
that it will look pleasing,

After we have finished packing up the gift we arranged them to see
how many did we finished packing
and so as the day ends we feel great

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

December 2006 Activities - Gift Buying

Based on the sum of donations
and individual contributions that
we have. we went to MAKRO to
buy some goods to be given to
those poor people in the diversion
road, so that they maywill experience
a noche buena just like any ordinary
families. This kind of gift giving was
spearheaded my Jan Michael Buladaco
and Wilfred Cadiz. later I, Vincent TaƱo,
Sonny Co, Rachel Cadiz and Jun Mendez
help for this vision to come true.

We decided that instead of buying a
pre-wrapped gifts which was sold a bit too
high we should buy goods that we have
choosen then wrapped it by ourselves so
that we can buy more goods.

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